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Take Your Bath to a Luxury Spa Status

Self-care trends are more popular than ever in the beauty and health industry, ranging from luxury lotions to indulgent spa days. Luckily, bringing the spa home is easier than it used to be. A resort inspired bathing experience can effortlessly replicate the luxurious calm and relaxation that spas spend thousands of dollars on to achieve. Bubbly soaks and foamy soaps can rejuvenate skin while having a mentally calming effect due to essential oils. Developing a routine for spa baths can have a restorative effect on body and mind, especially during transitional seasons when skin tends to be dry and needs detoxification.


Bath Oil Beads

One of the most affordable options for a luxury bath at home, bath oil beads are infused with essential oils that moisturize and energize. A water experience that intertwines with perfume oil, bath oil beads hydrate and protects skin from outside bacteria and harmful substances. Bath oil beads are often used for chronic skin conditions like eczema and dry skin. Not only beneficial for skin, they also soothe sore muscles and encourage better circulation. Bath oil beads can be used outside of the bath by setting them in an open container in the bathroom, allowing the essential oils to diffuse into the air and create a spa-like atmosphere every day.

Bath Soaks

Often a mixture of Epsom salt and other natural oils, bath soaks nourish skin and relieve sore muscles. Handmade bath soaks have the highest quality of healing salts and essential oils to make every bath a regenerating experience. Some bath soaks also include moisturizers that leave skin soft and supple. Perfect for jacuzzi bathtubs, they are the easy luxury to make every bath a personal spa.

Bubble Bath

A timeless bath experience, bubble baths are the classic spa alternative to home luxury. A bubble bath formula that nourishes with vitamins, natural oils and herbs fully relaxes and thoroughly revives the body and mind. Lavender bubble bath has been proven to eliminate nervous tension, disinfect the skin, and treat respiratory problems. Lavender oil is also often used for relaxation and transitioning into a calm state of mind that can lead to sleep.

To cultivate a spa-like, self-care routine at home, Camille Beckman offers high-quality organic bath products that nourish and rejuvenate. Formulated with a signature herbal complex and a blend of ProVitamins, Camille Beckman bath soaks and bubble bath is designed to relieve stress and nourish the body.

About Camille Beckman

Camille Beckman provides customers across the US with high-quality natural skin care and personal care products. These include bath oil beads, glycerin soap, face creams, vitamin E lotion, lip balms, and more.

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