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Achieve Hygge at Home with Intentional Self-Care

A popular buzzword in the home and wellness community over the last few years, hygge is a Danish word used to acknowledge a feeling or moment that is essentially cozy or special. Hygge is different from the vast variety of trends and fads because it is a feeling instead of a style or theme. Hygge is different to everyone, but the Danes definitely know how to make a space cozy, charming, or special.


While you technically can’t buy hygge, you can achieve it at home with the right routines and cultivated ambience. The great thing about hygge is that it’s special to you. Since you know what makes moments feel special to you, it can be easy to enhance your self-care to include those rituals. Here are a few ways to treat yourself at home and experience hygge every day.

If you’re lucky enough to have a bathtub at home, make good use of it. Introducing baths into your self-care routine can be relaxing for your body and also rejuvenating for your mind. Instead of traditional bubble bath, use bath soaks filled with Epsom salt, essential oils, and other relaxing ingredients to detox your skin and calm your mind.

The key to a soothing bath isn’t just what’s in the bath, but what you surround yourself with. Cutback harsh bathroom lighting and light a few candles instead. Read a book or set up a laptop so you can watch one of your favorite tv shows.

Make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself with strong scents from the combination of candles, bath soaks, or bath oil beads. Hygge is about feeling cozy and calm. Cultivate an environment that’s special for you and makes you focus on self-care of the body and mind.

If baths aren’t a ready luxury for you, your post-shower routine can be a great time to care for your skin and relax your mind. Another aspect of hygge is a certain slowness and enjoying being in the present. Focus on nourishing your skin with vegan and organic self-care products, from hydrating soaps to handmade lotions.

Use a gently scented lotion that has soothing and moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera, plant-based glycerin, and cocoa butter. Skin care includes everything from head to toe, so don’t forget to exfoliate your feet and hydrate with a foot cream afterward. Use a perfumed body powder after applying lotion to lock in moisture and give your skin a soft yet dry feel.

Creating a self-care routine that cares for your body on a regular basis makes it easy to feel calm and frequently recharged instead of once in a while. Whether you’re caring for your skin with organic skincare or lighting a candle with every bath, the ritual of conscious self-care makes it easy to recognize hygge in your everyday life.

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