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Benefits of Starting a Bath Routine

Over the past century, showers have replaced baths as the preferable mode of routine bathing. While showers are convenient for speedy cleansing, baths have many proven benefits for the skin, muscles, and mind. Sensitive skin types and those diagnosed with select chronic illnesses may find that introducing baths into their routine could have favorable effects on unpleasant symptoms.



Bath soaks and salts reduce inflammation of muscles and joints without unwanted side effects that painkillers often have. Epsom salt, in particular, has powerful natural properties that dehydrate cells and therefore reduces inflammation through the skin. Sitting in a tub of warm, not hot, water with Epsom salt for several minutes can have positive effects on sore and inflamed joint and muscles.

Athletes often take cold baths due to built up lactic acid in aching muscles. Cold water constricts blood vessels quickly, draining lactic acid built up from intense activity, like exercise. Taking cold or ice baths can also affect sleep patterns. The body naturally reduces its temperature as it winds down for sleep. Therefore, taking a cold, but not freezing, bath before bed can quicken this process and help the body prepare for sleep.

While showers may have perks for quickness and increased steam, baths harness the power of soaking skin for extended periods of time. If moisturizing post-shower is not helping dry and cracked skin, consider nourishing skin by soaking it in an enriched bubble bath. Look for ingredients like Pro vitamin B12 and natural oils that soften and strengthen skin. Following a bubble bath with intense moisturizing lotion locks in the natural oils and hydration without suffocating skin.

Hot baths might be tempting, but research shows that warm and cold baths are better for overall wellness. Hot baths can increase body temperature without relief, rising heartbeat rates and put the body under stress. This is why hot tubs and saunas should be avoided by those diagnosed with heart conditions. Warm baths can increase serotonin levels that soothe and relax the mind.

For ailments like the flu or common cold, warm baths offer positive relief. Warm water stimulates circulation and cell movement, encouraging clear lungs and consistent breaths. Water pressure can stabilize coughs and shallow breathing. Steam from warm baths clears the sinuses and lungs, breaking up mucus and making it easier to breathe. Add Epsom salt to reduce inflammation or bath oil beads that release fragrances to stimulate the senses and relax the body.

After finishing a relaxing bath, remember to moisturize skin immediately afterwards for total skin hydration. For dry climates, use a body cream with ingredients like aloe vera and glycerin to soothe and nourish dry skin. Add body powder if located in humid climates to reduce unwanted moisture on the skin surface.

Introducing baths into a regular self-care routine can result in countless benefits. Whether wanting a luxurious nighttime experience or soothing effects for a sore state, Camille Beckman’s Bath Collection offers the best of both worlds. Made with herbal complexes and natural cleansing ingredients, every product is safe for sensitive skin. Routine baths relax the skin, body, and mind in a safe and restorative way. Have a quick spa retreat in the comfort of your home with a luxuriously soothing bath.

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