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5 Key Ingredients for the Most Luxurious Bubble Bath

Bath enthusiasts don’t tend to skimp on details. If you’re getting ready for an afternoon of relaxation, chances are you have put your phone on silent, pulled out a good book, lit your favorite candles, and even poured yourself a glass of wine.

So why, then, would you skimp on the most important component of a good bath? The bubble bath itself is perhaps the most integral yet (occasionally) most overlooked part of a long soak



An aromatic, rejuvenating bubble bath should relax your body and mind, release tension in sore muscles, and condition and nourish skin. To make sure your bubble bath delivers all of these effects and more look for these five ingredients that are known to have superior moisturizing and healing properties.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant that can repair cellular damage caused by pollutants and sun exposure and protect the outer membrane of our cells. It can also add powerful hydration to the skin’s outer layer, help skin retain moisture, and restore dry, cracked skin.

Vitamin E is also a valued ingredient for a bubble bath for sensitive skin. Its gentle properties will hydrate instead of irritate skin and will help calm skin inflammation.

St. John's Wort

St. John’s wort is a flowering shrub native to Europe and is typically processed into an oil. Research in Planta Medica revealed that St. John’s wort has historically been used to heal minor burns and abrasions, but more recent studies have looked at its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. Some studies are also starting to look into St. John’s wort’s ability to accelerate wound healing and treat skin conditions like dermatitis and psoriasis.


Glycerin is a natural humectant, meaning it retains and preserves moisture in the skin without added chemicals or preservatives. Like St. John’s wort, it has been used to treat skin conditions like dermatitis and psoriasis, but it can also offer relief to those struggling with dry, flaky skin. It has been known to promote cell regeneration and is particularly effective for those with sensitive skin.

Provitamin B5

You may know provitamin B5 as pantothenic acid or dexpanthenol, which is typically how it is listed in skincare and cosmetics. The American Journal of Clinical Dermatology explains that dexpanthenol is a natural moisturizer and skin protectant, and is particularly effective in delivering moisture to the skin when used in a water-in-oil emulsion, such as a bubble bath.

Provitamin B5 and other provitamins such as B12 are known to have conditioning, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and wound healing properties. They also promote more elastic and solid tissue regeneration. Additional benefits include decreasing dryness; healing rough, scaly skin; and treating skin fissures.

Natural Scents

While not an ingredient, per se, we would be remiss to outline the ingredients of a perfect bubble bath without discussing luxurious scents. In addition to powerful and therapeutic ingredients, make your afternoon truly relaxing with heavenly and natural aromas like lavender, vanilla, rosewater, and mango.

A bubble bath is the perfect way to take escape, treat sore muscles, and enjoy the peace that only quiet can bring. Treat your body to an even more relaxing afternoon with the added power of healing, moisturizing, and nourishing ingredients.

About Camille Beckman

Camille Beckman creates high-quality skin care and personal care products that are gluten-free and never tested on animals. The complete line of body powder, bath soaks, lotions, and lip balms are available on their online store as well as through retail locations all across the U.S.

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Everything You Need to Know About Vitamin E and Skin Care

Vitamin E is one of those ubiquitous ingredients that seems to be in everything from supplements to juices to skincare products. But what exactly is it?

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), vitamin E is a group of fat-soluble compounds with antioxidant properties. There are not one but eight distinct vitamin E chemical forms, but only one is typically used for human consumption.

Vitamin E, like all antioxidants, plays an important role in protecting against free radical damage. Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that can damage our cell membranes and accelerate signs of aging. This process is called oxidation and can occur when we’re exposed to UVA rays, environmental pollutants, and carcinogens.

When cells become oxidized, they lose the molecular components that make them stable. Damaged cells can interact with and break down other molecules in our body, like our DNA, lipids, and proteins.

Vitamin E operates like all antioxidants and can seek out and destroy free radicals before they cause further cellular damage. However, as a fat-soluble antioxidant, vitamin E plays a unique role in enhancing the biological activity of polyunsaturated fatty acids that exist in our cell membranes. This means that vitamin E is particularly important in protecting the outermost layer of our cells, which has important implications for reversing the signs of aging and maintaining cellular health.

In addition to cellular health, NIH states that vitamin E has been shown to:

· Retain skin’s moisture.

· Enhance immune function.

· Improve cell signaling and gene expression.

· Promote other metabolic processes.

Vitamin E is found naturally in many vegetables like leafy greens, spinach, and broccoli, vegetable oils like sunflower and soybean, and many seeds and nuts. It’s also added to many foods, juices, and supplements.

Vitamin E is also an important ingredient in cosmetic and skin care products. As an ingredient, it can add powerful moisture and hydration to the skin’s outer layer and help restore dry, cracked skin.Vitamin E lotion is also great for those with skin sensitivities. Look for lotions formulated with an herbal complex and that are free of phthalates and gluten. Added ingredients like plant-derived food-grade glycerin can offer additional moisture and protection.

Vitamin E is also a powerful ingredient in skin care products like perfumed body powder. Body powder delivers a light, fragrant dusting that simultaneously absorbs moisture, neutralizes odor, and soothes your skin. With powerful natural ingredients like vitamin E, lemon fruit extract, and St. John’s wort, as well as potato starch, oat protein, and sweet almond oil, perfumed body powder will leave your skin feeling silky, smooth, and hydrated.

In addition to the powerful, reparative properties of vitamin E, the best body powders willalso come in decadent scents such as vanilla, honey, mango, andgardenia, providing a fresh, clean feeling that will last all day.

If you’re looking for a full line of vitamin E products, a spa kit can provide a range of hydrating options and also save you money at the same time. Look for kits that include glycerin hand lotion, body cream, and shower gel to add vitamin E to your entire skin care routine.

In addition to vitamin E, look for other powerful and natural moisturizing ingredients in a spa kit,such as sweet almond oil, mallow extract, ivy extract, cucumber extract, elder flower extract, and other natural extracts to deliver powerful and natural moisture.

About Camille Beckman

Camille Beckman creates high-quality skin care and personal care products that are gluten-free and never tested on animals. The complete line of bath powders, bath soaks, lotions, and lip balms are available on their online store as well as through retail locations all across the U.S.

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Celebrate National Entrepreneurs’ Day with These Relaxation Essentials

National Entrepreneurs' Day is November 21, and, according to the creators, it is intended to celebrate the entrepreneurial history of entrepreneurial businesses, suppliers, and partners.

National Entrepreneurs’ Day was started in 2010, and it has been an official Presidential Proclamation every year since. This year, supporters are pushing for the United States Congress to pass an official resolution declaring the third Tuesday of every November as “National Entrepreneurs’ Day.”

Entrepreneurs play a significant role in our economy by investing in emerging start-ups, shaking up traditional business models, creating jobs, driving technological innovation, and promoting greater efficiencies through education and product development. These impacts can be felt locally, regionally, even globally, depending on the depth and breadth of the operation.

Whether you’re a global investor embarking on revolutionary changes or you’re working hard in your community to create new products, employment opportunities, and economic vitality, you and your partners deserve recognition, gratitude, and perhaps a little time to relax. Even if you’re not an entrepreneur personally, why not support those trying to create something in the world?

There are many ways to relax (or give the gift of relaxation), and a luxurious, high-quality spa gift set is chief among them. Replete with relaxing lotions, bath salts, lip balms, and shower gels, a gift set like this can replicate the ambiance of a true spa experience in the comfort of your own home.

For complete relaxation, look for spa gift sets that offer a combination of products in aromatic scents such as lavender, vanilla, oriental spice, or honey. Also be sure to look for a spa gift set that includes moisturizing body lotion and shower gel formulated with sustainably sourced sweet almond oil. And check to make sure gift set products are made with a vegan, gluten-free formula. These hydrating ingredients can ease the aging process and help reduce the appearance of scarring or stretch marks, making them the perfect remedy for long days at the office.

If you’re looking to relax the entrepreneurial spirit deep inside, bath gift sets are perfect to help you unwind. Look for one that includes items such as shower gel and lotions in relaxing scents such as lavender. You’ll also want it to contain products infused with rich, natural oils and a signature herbal complex to help rejuvenate and moisturize skin.

After a relaxing soak or shower, hydrate your skin with a glycerine lotion that has powerful therapeutic properties that promote health and relaxation. Plant-based glycerine is perfect for sensitive skin, and products that contain vitamin E, aloe vera, sweet almond oil, and cucumber extract will deliver powerful head-to-toe hydration. For optimal results, look for a lotion that is specially formulated with plant-derived, food-grade glycerine and is free of phthalates and gluten.

In the absence of a joint congressional resolution, a great way to pay tribute to this country’s entrepreneurs is with the gift of relaxation, and companies like Camille Beckman have a complete line of gifts that are perfect for anyone (yourself included) who could use a little R&R.

In fact, Susan Camille Beckman Roghani is an entrepreneur herself who parlayed her love of plants, botany, and agriculture into a successful skin care business. 30 years later, the Camille Beckman label has grown into a nationally recognized brand that people trust for high-quality skin care.

About Camille Beckman

Camille Beckman creates high-quality skin care and personal care products that are gluten-free and never tested on animals. The complete line of bath powders, bath soaks, lotions, and lip balms are available on their online store as well as through retail locations all across the U.S.

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Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire? The Connection Between Your Favorite Scents and Happy Holiday Memories

There’s something about the smell of peppermint, pine, or fresh winter air that brings the holidays to life. We all have memories associated with our favorite holiday smells. For some of us, it’s the memory of decorating the Christmas tree and the aromatic scent of pine. For others, it’s spending time in the kitchen with family and taking in the warm scents of vanilla, clove, or cinnamon.
Researchers have looked into this interesting connection in order to better understand how something as simple as the smell of a candle can trigger a complex series of emotional memories. According to Psychology Today, there is a direct anatomic connection between our olfactory bulb, which starts in our nose, and the amygdala and hippocampus, which are areas of our brain associated with memory and emotion.

This connection has been studied extensively by neuroscientists. For example, Psychology Today explains that when study participants encountered the smell of a rose, they demonstrated greater activity in the hippocampus and amygdala areas of the brain than when they heard the word “rose” or saw a picture of a rose. These findings, and many others like them, can help us understand that palatable connection between our favorite scents and some of our fondest, most vivid memories.

There are many ways to capture the happy memories (and smells) of the holidays year-round starting with the products you use every day. Take a look at these luxurious skin care scents that capture the old and new favorites of classic holiday aromas.


Christmas occurs during the growing season of some of the most popular citrus varieties, including navel organs, valencia oranges, and blood oranges. Historically, this overlap made oranges and other forms of citrus very popular gifts. Today, the scent of citrus, paired with other holiday spices such as cloves, cranberries, and cinnamon are used to create a cozy holiday ambiance and very powerful memories.

To capture this sweet yet light scent, incorporate the essence of citrus in your day-to-day skin care products such as a natural lip balm. Explore fun twists on a classic seasonal scent with scents like apricot, tropical passionfruit, or honeydew melon. The subtle essence of citrus and other fun alternatives will add just the right amount of aroma to bring up delightful memories while keeping your lips moisturized.

Myrrh, Frankincense, Clove, Anise

According to Organic Aromas, myrrh, clove, nutmeg, anise, and many others have been used in Eastern Europe for centuries and have rich significance across many religious stories and traditions, including those discussed in the Bible.

Myrrh, for example, is said to have been gifted by the three wise men and is incorporated into many present-day religious and worship rituals. Anise is another traditional holiday spice with historical significance and is still used in European baked goods today. It is also known to have relaxation properties.

Capture these unique and storied scents in a moisturizing glycerin lotion. Scents like oriental spice are formulated with traditional myrrh and sandalwood to capture the essence of European spice markets. Other ingredients such as clove and nutmeg add healing moisture to the skin while still capturing the powerful ambiance of the holidays.

Look for products made with 100% plant-derived, food-grade glycerin and a vegan, gluten-free formula for rich moisture that will capture the essence of the holidays year-round.

About Camille Beckman

Camille Beckman creates high-quality skin care and personal care products that are gluten-free and never tested on animals. The complete line of bath powders, bath soaks, lotions, and bath oil beads are available on their online store as well as through retail locations all across the U.S.

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3 Ways Body Powder Can Make You Feel Fresh and Fragrant

The heavy, chalky, powdery residue of yesteryear has been replaced with a light, fragrant dusting that keeps your skin feeling clean, soft, and silky. A quality body powder simultaneously absorbs moisture, deodorizes, and soothes your skin, leaving it feeling silky and smooth. Body powder can also extend the life of your favorite fragrance and add a soothing scent to your gym bag, closet, and sheets.

A body powder cools the skin and while adding a subtle fragrance. Look for a perfumed body powder in an array of enticing scents such as honey, gardenia, mango, vanilla, and oriental spice. Seek out a high-quality perfumed body powder formulated with natural ingredients and extracts, including potato starch, oat protein, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, lemon fruit extract, and St. John’s wort. These ingredients soothe the skin and add will leave you feeling fresh throughout the day.

Perfumed body powder offers a range of benefits that can keep you feeling cool whether you’re on-the-go or winding down for a full night’s sleep.

Freshen Up While Traveling

One of the many benefits of perfumed body powder is its moisture-absorbing properties. If you live in a hot, humid climate or you’re a frequent traveler, you’re well aware of the discomfort associated with excess moisture. At best, it can leave your skin feeling sticky, at worst, it can cause breakouts and bacteria imbalances.

Perfumed body powder absorbs sweat and humidity, whether you’re walking to work on a hot day or you’re sitting on an airplane. For best results, follow your moisturizing routine with a light dusting of body powder. This will add a powerful deodorizer to your skin care routine and leave your skin feeling cool even in the most humid climates.

Many perfumed body powders come in 1.5-ounce and 3-ounce bottles, making it a perfect addition to your carry-on or work bag. Light and portable, it’s easy to add a moisture-wicking fragrance for your next trip or commute.

Layer on Top of Your Favorite Scents

Perfumed body powder smells decadent on its own, but it’s also a great way to extend the life of your favorite body spray or lotion. Give your day a fresh start by applying your favorite body lotion, followed by a sprinkle of complementary perfumed body powder and a splash of body mist or perfume. You’ll enjoy the extended scent of your favorite moisturizer and/or perfume as well as the cooling, deodorizing benefits of the perfumed body powder.

If you want the benefits of body powder but would rather not have a scent, consider picking up an unscented version with quality ingredients to soothe and cool your skin.

Sleep Soundly

Perfumed body powder isn’t just for your neck and feet. A light dusting on your sheets, gym bag, car seats, or closet can add powerful, lasting freshness. Add a light dusting the next time you’re making your bed and enjoy the fresh, soothing fragrance as you drift off to sleep. Consider taking a bubble bath before applying your favorite moisturizer and body powder to help further relax your mind and body before heading to bed.

About Camille Beckman

Camille Beckman creates high-quality natural skin care and personal care products for customers across the U.S. These include soothing creams, moisturizing lotions, bubble bath for sensitive skin, and more in a range of enticing scents.

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How to Create a Spa-Like Experience Without Spa-Like Prices

Indulging in a few hours at a spa is one of the most luxurious ways you can spend an afternoon. Relax and escape into a tranquil oasis replete with subtle aromatherapies, melodic harmonies, and healing treatments.
There’s good reason to take time for self-care. A cleansing body scrub, relaxing soak, or sumptuous face mask can reduce muscle tension, flush out toxins, remove dead skin, and increase blood circulation, revitalizing both your mind and body.

Unfortunately, an afternoon at a spa can also come with a hefty price tag, depending on the services enjoyed and added on. However, with luxurious skin care products from Camille Beckman, you can capture the tranquility of a luxury spa in your own home and skip the spa-like prices.

With a few aromatherapy candles, your favorite soaks, soothing moisturizers, and perhaps a glass of wine, you can easily transform your bathroom into an oasis that rivals a spa.

Step One: Lavish Your Skin in a Luxurious Soak

There is no better way to slip into a peaceful state of serenity than with a long soak. Camille Beckman’s Full Relaxation Bath Soak™ with Epsom salt can ease your mind and body with a nourishing blend of essential oils, healing salts, and soothing powdered coconut milk. Handmade in small batches with hemp oil, coconut oil, and shea butter, a long soak with this product will nourish both your mind and body.

If you’re looking for a full-service spa experience, seek out a spa kit that offers a complete line of products to cleanse, treat, and moisturize. A high-quality spa kit should come with a variety of hand and body lotions, shower gels, and bath accessories. Look for a spa kit featuring luxury fragrances reminiscent of the beach, rosewater, cucumbers, orange cream, or an enticing blend like blackberry lavender. Look for a spa kit that includes diverse products to create the head-to-toe spa experience, including hand lotion, body cream, shower gel, a pumice stone, and mesh bath sponge.

Step Two: Replenish Your Skin with Deluxe Moisturizers

After a long soak, treat your skin to a hydrating layer of soothing body cream. A body cream made with sustainably sourced sweet almond oil and a vegan and gluten-free formula is a perfect way to replenish dry skin. An ultra-hydrating product with these ingredients will help to ease the aging process and reduce the appearance of scarring or stretch marks.

If you need even more moisture, try a gentle vitamin E lotion that rejuvenates and heals sensitive skin, and is free of phthalates and gluten. Look for one with soothing ingredients such as vegetable glycerin, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E, for a lotion that will hydrate skin without causing irritation.

Step Three: Keep Skin Feeling Fresh with Perfumed Body Powders

Cap off an afternoon of self-care with a light dusting of perfumed body powder. Body powder regulates moisture, leaving your skin feeling clean, silky, and smooth.

Look for perfumed body powders in diverse and decadent fragrances reminiscent of honey, gardenias, mangos, vanilla, or oriental spice. A high-quality body powder will be formulated with ingredients such as potato starch, oat protein, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, lemon fruit extract, and St. John’s wort to soothe the skin and leave you feeling fresh long after you finish your soak.

About Camille Beckman

Camille Beckman creates high-quality natural skin care and personal care products for customers across the U.S. These include soothing creams, moisturizing lotions, indulgent bubble bath, and more in a range of enticing scents.

To explore their collections, visit Camillebeckman.com

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Surprise and Delight: You Don’t Need a Holiday to Find a Reason to Celebrate

The absence of a holiday or enduring celebration shouldn’t temper your giving spirit. Gift-giving can communicate care and affection for special people in your life or strengthen a bond with a loved one.
Research has shown that the act of giving can help cultivate stronger personal connections between family and friends far beyond the material value of the gift itself. There are even evolutionary forces behind gift-giving. Anthropologists have found that historically, the most generous men had more success finding a partner and that women with a penchant for gift-giving were better able to sustain the family unit.

And while receiving a gift is always lovely, one of the most significant benefits of giving might fall to the person doing the act: Giving a gift can generate pleasure on its own and reinforce feelings of caring and connection.

Skin care products are some of the most popular and universal gifts for men and women of all ages, and they are perfect for that “surprise and delight” moment.

Spa Gift Set

Is there someone in your life who deserves a quiet, relaxing night? If so, a spa gift set makes an ideal gift. Whether you want to express gratitude to a loved one, a customer, or just brighten someone’s day, this gesture is the right balance of thoughtfulness and simplicity.

Spa gift sets often come with an array of hand and body lotions, shower gels, bath accessories, and relaxation bundles in soft fragrances that are sure to please. Look for gift sets that offer a combination of products such as hand lotion, body cream, and shower gel, as well as practical items we could all use such as a pumice stone and mesh bath sponge.

Ultra-moisturizing body lotion is an excellent addition to a thoughtful spa gift set, particularly when it’s made made with sustainably sourced sweet almond oil. This hydrating ingredient eases the aging process and helps reduce the appearance of scarring or stretch marks. Make sure the lotion is also made with a vegan formula and is gluten-free. Incorporating a body cream in a light fragrance the recipient would enjoy is sure to add delight to any surprise.

Bath Gift Set

Is there anything more relaxing than a nice bath? Give the gift of self-care with bath gift sets. Look for one that comes with hand lotion samples, face creams, vitamin E lotion, and bath soaks to help relax the recipient by calming their body and mind.

Men can enjoy the same luxury as women with specially crafted moisturizing products. An ideal relaxing gift set should include cleansing gels, hand creams, and shower gels in fragrances that are appealing, such as spearmint and oriental spice.

There doesn’t need to be a reason or holiday around the corner for you to give a gift to the men in your life. For a present he’s sure to enjoy, look for gift sets that include essential skin care products such as moisturizing skin cream made with pure vegetable glycerine and sweet almond oil; hand and shower gel that offers luxurious moisture and light fragrances; and lip balm made with cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, and beeswax for soothing moisture.

Glycerine Lotion

Gifting a high-quality glycerine lotion is another way to communicate care and create a meaningful surprise and delight moment. Look for a glycerine lotion that contains vitamin E and aloe vera for natural moisture as these ingredients are excellent for restoring dry, cracked skin.

When looking for a high-performing glycerine product, seek one out that is made with an herbal complex that promotes skin health. Another nourishing component to look out for is plant-derived, food-grade glycerine to moisturize and protect even the most sensitive skin.

Gift sets are a great way to create a meaningful moment for those special people in your life. You don’t need to wait for the next holiday or birthday, the act of giving is an opportunity to strengthen connections year-round.

About Camille Beckman

Camille Beckman creates high-quality natural skin care and personal care products for customers across the U.S. These include soothing creams, moisturizing lotions, indulgent bubble bath, and more in a range of enticing scents.

To explore their collections, visit Camillebeckman.com

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Hydrating Products That Protect Against Dry Lips and Hands

Cold weather can wreak havoc on your skin, especially those areas that are constantly exposed to the elements such as hands, face, and lips. While a good moisturizing routine can help combat against variable weather conditions, other dryness-inducing culprits may be irritating your skin, despite your best moisturizing efforts.
Understanding what causes dry, chapped lips and hands and adding the right products to your moisturizing routine can help alleviate dryness and irritation and help reveal soft, beautiful skin.


Dehydration can have serious ramifications for your overall health, not just your lips and skin. Not drinking enough water can result in dry, irritated skin. Fortunately, drinking plenty of water throughout the day is an easy way to not only maintain your overall health but also protect against dry skin and lips.

While water intake is unique to each individual, that adage of eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day is a good goal to keep in mind. You should also try to eat foods with high water concentrations such as fruits and vegetables, especially after strenuous exercise or when you’re feeling under the weather.

Cold Weather

Unlike water consumption, weather patterns and seasonal changes are beyond our control. As the temperature drops, dry air can wick moisture away from thin, sensitive layers of skin, resulting in chapped, cracked lips.

Fortunately, a moisturizing natural lip balm can serve as a simple, even luxurious solution to combat the winter doldrums. Look for products made with moisturizing ingredients such as cocoa butter, natural oils, and enriching vitamins. This formula adds all-day moisture to combat dry lips and creates a healthy, luscious sheen.

Look for a cocoa butter lip balm that is moisturizing and incorporates fair-trade formulas and nourishing vitamins and oils. Ideally you can find a lip balm in an enticing flavor such as spearmint, rose, apricot, or vanilla to enhance your moisturizing experience.

Indoor Heat

As winter settles in, most of us flock indoors for protection against the frigid air. Unfortunately, warm indoor air can dry out our skin almost as much as the rough, cold winter. Indoor heat filters out moisture, drying our skin’s membrane and leaving chapped lips and dry skin.

Using a creamy, moisturizing lotion can protect against indoor air’s drying effects and replenish skin’s moisture. Glycerin lotion is a perfect addition to your moisturizing routine. Glycerin is naturally sourced from plants or processed using propylene alcohol. Plant-based glycerin is better for sensitive skin and can be effective in treating extremely dry skin. For best results, look for a product that is specially formulated with plant-derived, food-grade glycerin and is free of phthalates, gluten, and artificial colors.

Long, Hot Baths

During the chilly winter months, nothing feels better than a long, hot soak. However, like cold air, hot water can wick away skin’s moisture and protective oil, leaving hands, lips, and skin feeling dry and scaly.

For your next bath, turn down the temperature slightly and add bath oil beads. Just one or two of these bath oil beads will add light, fragrant moisture, leaving skin feeling soft and renewed throughout the night and next day. Look for high-quality bath oil beads in n array of soothing aromas such as cucumber ivy and white lilac, and your next bath will leave you feeling positively radiant and moisturized.

About Camille Beckman

Camille Beckman creates high-quality natural skin care and personal care products for customers across the U.S. These include soothing creams, moisturizing lotions, indulgent bubble bath, and more in a range of enticing scents.

To explore their collections, visit Camillebeckman.com

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4 Recharging Rituals for Self-Care Sundays

Getting to the end of Sunday can sometimes be a bit nerve-wracking. With Monday only hours away, are your mind and body rested and prepared for the week ahead?

Set aside some time for a few self-care rituals on Sunday to recharge and rejuvenate yourself. Get inspired and get motivated to spend your day off caring for your mental and physical well-being.

Bubble Bath

Taking a bubble bath with a nutrient-filled formula can soothe your skin, body, and mind. Experience a well-deserved escape while soaking in a bubble bath formula with natural oils to rejuvenate dry or tired skin. If you have trouble falling asleep at night, a warm bath about 30 minutes before bed can lower your internal body temperature and prep your mind for sleep.

Lavender is a self-care staple because of its calming and relaxing properties. It’s often used for insomnia, anxiety, and stress relief. Lavender also has anti-inflammatory properties that are fantastic for acne breakouts, sore joints, and other ailments. Use a bubble bath for sensitive skin types if you deal with psoriasis, eczema, or other issues.


Spend a few minutes meditating on a Sunday afternoon to prepare yourself for the week ahead. Whether you follow a guided mindfulness meditation or have a personalized concentration ritual that helps you process and clear your mind, meditation encourages you to relax and refocus.

Meditation has a wealth of health benefits, including lower blood pressure, less anxiety, improved blood circulation, and deeper relaxation. If you’re a beginner, there are many free videos to lead you through your first experience. Set aside 20 to 30 minutes to refresh and nourish your mind.

Cook a New Recipe

Why not try a new recipe that you’ve been putting aside for a few weeks? Pick out a meal that focuses on fresh and healthy ingredients to cook this Sunday. If you have a garden, find one that includes some of the vegetables you’ve been growing.

If following a detailed recipe isn’t your version of relaxation, find a recipe with five ingredients or less to try with a friend or family member. Catch up and chat while you make a delicious dinner together. Self-care doesn’t have to be a solo act—you can recharge while hanging out with your favorite people, too.


While you don’t have to limit this to Sundays, drinking enough water keeps you healthy and happy. People who drink at least a few glasses of water every day have higher energy, fewer health issues, and a stronger immune system.

Depending on the season or your skin type, moisturize dry skin with a glycerin lotion. Give your skin the hydration it needs from the outside while supporting it on the inside by drinking 60 ounces of water.

Ready yourself for a busy week by using these self-care rituals to relax and recharge on a Sunday. Your mind and body deserve the well-needed care you set aside for it every week.

About Camille Beckman

Camille Beckman provides customers across the US with high-quality natural skin care and personal care products. These include body powder,face creams, vitamin E lotion, and more.

To explore their collections, visit Camillebeckman.com

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Why Your Hands Need Skin Care Too

The skin care industry tends to focus on the face, with issues like acne, dryness, signs of aging, and more. But the rest of your skin needs care too. Your hands can be a sensitive area, prone to infection, heavily used throughout the day, and often drier. Here are a variety of common issues and easy ways to treat them throughout the day.


Because your hands can be more sensitive than other areas, regularly hydrating your hands with glycerin is essential to prevent cracking or peeling. If you struggle with eczema or psoriasis, an unscented vitamin E lotion is your best bet for soothing easily irritated skin.

Glycerin lotion is the best for dry hands because it locks in the moisture that it deposits. Filled with humectants, glycerin attracts water from the air and retains it in the skin. Maintaining the water balance encourages healthier and stronger skin. Keep a pot of lotion at your desk at work or throw one in your bag to keep your hands moisturized throughout the day.

Signs of Aging

Hands have a lot of usage throughout the day; therefore, they're more susceptible to signs of aging like age spots, prominent veins, dry patches, and crepey skin. Sunscreen is your first line of defense against signs of aging. But supplementing with a hand cream that is filled with powerful ingredients like vitamin E, ivy extract, and cucumber extract to firm and smooth the skin promotes further prevention.

Choose a cream designed to rejuvenate the skin on your hands specifically. Formulas that are phthalate-free ensure the moisture is deposited exactly where it’s needed.


If you work with your hands in a more physically demanding job, then calluses, cracking, and damaged cuticles are an open invitation to getting an infection. Without regularly caring for your nails and cuticles, you’re more at risk of hangnails, broken nails, or other issues. Don’t pick at calluses, but relieve blood blisters sooner rather than later.

Again, consistent hydration is your best weapon against damaged skin in the hand and wrist area. Moisturize throughout the day with a formula that’s just as tough as your hands.

Nail Care

Biting your nails, picking cuticles, and pulling cracked skin doesn’t allow your skin to heal or your nails to grow healthily. Choose a spa kit that includes hand therapy lotion to soothe the dryness of your cuticles and hands, while keeping up with consistent nail trimming and filing.

If possible, start getting a professional manicure at least once a month. Having a regularly scheduled appointment to care for your hands and nails makes skin and nail health a priority. This, in addition to using quality products and not messing with your skin and nails is likely to help heal your skin faster and aid your nails in growing healthily.

Caring for your skin doesn’t just mean acne treatments or retinol serums. Pay attention to the signals the skin around your hands is giving you, and provide it with the protection and hydration it deserves.

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Thoughtful Birthday Gifts for Mom for a Spa Experience at Home

Your mom deserves the very best for her birthday. When your mom is your best friend, mentor, and supporter, giving her the appreciation she deserves shows her how much you care. These gifts help create a spa-like experience at home that your mom can enjoy all year long. Choose one, two, or even three and give your mom the gift of relaxation for her birthday this year.

Spa Gift Set

Choose a spa gift set for your mom with a scent that reminds you of her. Whether that’s French Vanilla because of her unrivaled baking abilities or Mango Beach as it’s reminiscent of your favorite vacation together, this gift shows your thoughtfulness and care for her.

Make sure that the set includes hand lotion, body lotion, shower gel, and bath accessories. Your mom will relish being cared for from head to toe with luxurious hydration.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Give your mom the gift of wellness with an essential oil diffuser. Benefits of sleeping with an oil diffuser include better sleep quality, relief from anxiety, and better breathing when you’re sick. This affordable gift can function as a humidifier and scent diffuser.

Essential oils to pair with your gift can include lavender and chamomile, sweet orange, jasmine, tea tree, peppermint, and more. You can even combine scents to create your own distinctive fragrance. Perfect for your mom’s desk, kitchen, or bathroom, create a spa atmosphere at home with an essential oil diffuser.

Hand Lotion Collection

You can never have too many options when it comes to high-performance lotion. Give a sampler of creamy, hydrating lotions with a variety of delicious smelling scents. Glycerine lotion relieves dry, cracked, and pained skin while easing signs of aging and promoting skin health.

For moms with sensitive skin or who are sensitive to fragrances, choose a vitamin E lotion that’s fragrance-free. If your mom struggles with dry skin, she’ll appreciate this thoughtful gift.

Cozy Bathrobe

If your mom doesn’t already have a plush bathrobe, she needs one. Pick out an ultra-soft fleece bathrobe in her favorite color or pattern. Make sure it has pockets, is machine washable, and is the length you think your mom would like the most.

If you’re super close with your mom, pick out the same robe for yourself so you can be matching! This is especially fun during colder months or if you’re going on a relaxing vacation together.

Naturally Fragranced Candles

What’s a spa bath at home without some mood lighting? Gift your mom a few unscented or scented candles for simple pleasure during her next relaxing night at home. Look for clean burning candles that use natural oils and don’t have artificial fragrances.

Also, because it’s a gift, the cuter the candle packaging, the better. From sweet to musky, spend a little bit of time picking out the scent that you think will help your mom relax and rejuvenate.

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Camille Beckman provides customers across the US with high-quality natural skin care and personal care products. These include bath gift sets, face creams, vitamin E lotion, and more.

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Nourish Post-Summer Skin with These Home Spa Rituals

As you pull out your favorite sweaters and store your sundresses, summer is quickly transitioning into fall. Your skin might still be recovering from the effects of increased sun exposure and the heat. Just like you transition your closet toward a different season, it’s important to take a good look at your skin care routine and recognize how your needs change.

Here are a handful of home spa rituals to introduce to your autumn care routine to nourish and hydrate your skin at every level.


Thicker Lotion

While summer weather calls for lightweight lotions and hydrating serums, drier and colder fall conditions require more moisture for your skin from head to toe. Creamy glycerin lotion made with sweet almond oil and cucumber extract deliver the potent moisture your skin craves to heal from the summer sun and dryness of fall. While your face might need a lighter lotion or oil, your hands, feet, and elbows need a high-performance cream with a thicker formula.

Apply a thicker lotion with plant-based glycerin immediately after your bath or shower. Lather on the moisture while your skin is still damp to lock in the hydration from the humidity of your shower. Keep a pot or bottle of hand lotion on your desk or in your bag to apply at work and on the go.


Turning the heat back on in your home can further dehydrate your skin. If the fall weather in your area is usually drier, having a humidifier on at night can save your skin from dehydrating while you sleep. Place it in your bedroom near your bed for the best results.

Bath Oil Beads or Bath Soaks

Baths are a phenomenal way to embrace the coziness of autumn while nourishing your skin. Whether you’re a fan of bath soaks or bath oil beads, treat yourself to necessary nutrients that will calm your mind and soothe your skin. Self-care is one of the highlights of the fall season. Why not start early by creating a bath ritual a few nights every week?

Drop one or two bath oil beads into your bath and experience the lush hydration they deliver to your dry or dehydrated skin. Be careful getting out the tub since they can make the bottom more slippery than normal. If you deal with eczema, psoriasis, or other chronic skin issues, choose a bath soak that has epsom salt, coconut milk, and oatmeal to soothe skin and decrease inflammation.

Careful Exfoliation

Summer can cause dryness and hyperpigmentation; which exfoliation can often help with. But be careful not to over-exfoliate, especially since your skin can be drier and more sensitive during autumn weather. Use all natural exfoliants with hydrating ingredients mixed into the formula, like oils and plant butters.
Only exfoliate once or twice a week to allow your skin to rest and promote skin cell regrowth. Follow up with an oil or lotion post-exfoliation to deposit the moisture deep into your skin. If you deal with eczema or psoriasis, don’t exfoliate. Talk to your dermatologist about the best products to treat your sensitive skin.

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Camille Beckman provides customers across the US with high-quality natural skin care and personal care products. These include natural lip balm, face creams, vitamin E lotion, and more.

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Daily Skincare Products Safe for Sensitive Skin Types

Caring for sensitive skin can be difficult when searching for products that actually work. While most skincare is focused on the face, the rest of the body needs and deserves the same attention when it comes to formulas, best production practices, and routines. Common sensitivities include eczema, psoriasis, combination skin, and more.


Avoid flare-ups and nourish your skin with skincare products designed without toxins for fragrances. Here are a few products to include in your skincare routine to target common skin issues, from chronic dryness to body acne.

Hydrating Lip Balm

Natural lip balm ingredients like organic cocoa butter, coconut oil, essential oils, and beeswax provide lasting hydration that nourishes lips. Vitamins A, D3, and E are sensitive skincare favorites when caring for sensitive skin, including the lips. If you deal with eczema on the lips or the surrounding area, a natural-based lip balm should be your go-to favorite during dryer months.

Unscented Vitamin E Lotion

If you’re challenged by fragrance sensitivities, an unscented Vitamin E lotion is your best bet for hydrated skin without flare-ups or irritation. Super smoothing ingredients like vegetable glycerin, sweet almond oil, and Vitamin E work together to moisturize without clogging pores or irritating sensitive areas.

Elbows, knees, hands, and feet are the areas most prone to chronic dryness and cracking. Use a body cream in the morning and at night to nourish skin and provide the protection it needs against dry weather or tough physical activity.

Sensitive Skin Tip: Read the ingredients list before choosing an unscented glycerin lotion.

Vegetable Glycerin Soap

Pair your unscented body cream with a vegetable glycerin soap to cleanse your dermis while moisturizing it. Like your lotion, make sure your soap is unscented, too. Look for ingredients like Vitamin E, vegetable glycerin, and aloe vera. Avoid parabens and artificial fragrances that can irritate and dry out sensitive types.

Skin Soothing Bath Soaks

If you’re dealing with stubborn body acne, detox baths could be a good option for cleansing your skin of toxins and excess sebum. Choose a bath soak with epsom salt, coconut oil, and essential oils like orange and cinnamon.

Heat a bath to a warm temperature and pour in your renewing bath soak. Make sure the temperature is warm to hot, and emerge yourself as deep as you can. Stay in the bath for 20 minutes to achieve the full effect of a bath detox. Epsom salt draws out the toxins while coconut ingredients soften and soothe sensitive skin without irritation. Moisturize immediately afterward to maintain the hydration from the coconut and cocoa ingredients.

Nurture sensitive skin with gentle ingredients and fragrance-free formulas. Be comfortable in your skin by sticking to a careful routine filled with hydrating and cleansing skin care products.

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Camille Beckman provides customers across the US with high-quality natural skin care and personal care products. These include bubble bath, foot cream, vitamin E lotion, and more.

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Healthy Skin Habits to Start in Your 20’s

Taking care of your skin can sometimes feel like you’re tending to a very temperamental pet. Keeping it hydrated, treating blemishes, maintaining a cleansing routine, and figuring out the source of whatever new issue you’re dealing with can be stressful and a hassle. As your skin transitions out of adolescence and into adulthood, practicing good habits is essential to happy and healthy skin (and self).


While there are countless products and routines that work differently for everyone, there are a few basic habits that you to establish in your twenties to nourish your skin and prevent signs of aging.

Hydrate from Head to Toe

Moisturizing your face is important, but hydrating your skin from head to toe is imperative to long-term skin health. Use a body cream with a non-greasy formula to relieve dryness, prevent signs of aging, and nourish skin at a deeper level. Apply lotion to extra dry areas like hands, knees, and elbows daily.

For extra hydration, immediately lather a creamy lotion post-shower or bath when your skin is still damp. Glycerin formulas prevent moisture loss by forming a protective layer on the surface.

Self-Care Tip: Use a glycerin foot cream to revive dry and cracked feet as needed. If your feet and toe cuticles struggle with dryness, apply after every shower or bath.

Routine Bath Detox

Showers are helpful for daily cleansing, but baths are a long-established practice for rejuvenating the skin, body, and mind. Bath soaks with epsom salt, natural oils, and essential oils invigorate and soothe the skin while releasing toxins. Soften skin and relax your mind with a weekly bath soak. If you’re experiencing muscle aches or pains, these are especially helpful for encouraging healing and providing necessary nutrients from potent nontoxic ingredients.

If you’re struggling with dry skin during hot summer or cold winter months, bath oil beads slowly moisturize skin with skin-loving properties. Remember to apply lotion afterward to retain the rich hydration your skin received from the natural oils.

Layer Products Accordingly

One of the best ways to ensure your skin receives all of the nourishment it needs from the products you use is to layer them from lightest to heaviest. Start by cleansing your face and body, following with toner, serum, and creamy moisturizer.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that our face skin isn’t the only dermis that needs our attention. Use cleansers that gently clean without stripping and include moisturizing ingredients like glycerin and Vitamin E. Follow with a lotion that nourishes your unique skin composition.

Don’t forget: SPF protection is the best way to prevent signs of aging from occurring in the first place. SPF should be the last product you apply in your skincare routine to act as a protective barrier between your skin and harmful UVA/UVB rays.

Nourish and protect your skin with a consistent skincare routine from head to toe. Tailor it depending on your individual needs and focus on skin health from the inside out.

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Camille Beckman provides customers across the US with high-quality natural skin care and personal care products. These include bubble bath, foot cream, vitamin E lotion, and more.

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3 Reasons for Summer Skin Itchiness & Dryness (And How to Fix It)

If you wake up in the middle of a summer night and feel the overwhelming urge to scratch your skin, you’re not alone. Dry and itchy skin is a common issue during summer months, despite the beauty industry’s focus on winter dryness. The reasons for these issues are often quite subtle but easily fixable. 


Worried about your bizarre summer skin issues like itchiness and inflammation? Here are a few reasons your skin might be struggling in the heat of summer.



Air Conditioning


Yes, seriously! Air conditioning is a major culprit of summertime dryness and itchiness. The function of an air conditioner is to remove the humidity from the air, therefore lowering the temperature of the space it’s cooling. While this can be a relief from summer heat and humidity, it’s not doing your skin any favors.


If you spend most of your time in air-conditioned areas - like offices, restaurants, homes, or gyms - hydration is key, from the inside out. Swap your afternoon iced coffee for a cool drink of water. Keep a pot of glycerin hand therapy lotion on your desk to hydrate your skin throughout the day. 


If you’re in a humid environment, you might feel like your skin is hydrated enough. But a high-quality lotion goes deeper than just external moisture, like natural summer humidity. It can also ward off the summer itchiness you’re dealing with. 


Frequent Showers


Do you have a tendency to shower multiple times a day during the hottest months of the year? When you feel like you’re constantly sweating, grimy, or just plain uncomfortable, this is a normal response to unbearable summer heat. But before you hop in for your second shower of the day, remember that showering in hot (and cold) water strips your body and hair of necessary oils that keep them hydrated and healthy.


If you absolutely need to cleanse, use a glycerin soap to wash your face and body. Glycerin is a humectant, forming a protective layer on the skin to prevent moisture loss. Other hydrating ingredients include aloe vera and vitamin E. Follow with a creamy body lotion afterward to lock in hydration and nourish skin when its pores are open. 


Heat Rash


A more common culprit than you might expect, heat rash occurs when your sweat ducts are clogged and prevent sweat from evaporating. When this happens, your sweat is trapped underneath your top layer of skin and results in itchy bumps. If you’re already dealing with heat rash, the best way to heal it is to avoid smothering it in heavy lotions. 


Prevent moisture and sweat from accumulating by dusting a body powder after showering and applying lightweight body lotion. Body powder absorbs the excess moisture and keeps you dry all day. 


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Camille Beckman provides customers across the US with high-quality natural skin care and personal care products. These include bubble bath, foot cream, vitamin E lotion, and more. 


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Summer Self-Care Essentials with Nontoxic Ingredients to Keep in the Office

From sweltering hot weather to dehydrated, air-conditioned offices, summertime can be brutal on skin. Whether you’re dealing with dry and chapped lips or bothersome sunburns after an adventurous weekend in the sun, taking care of your skin should be a priority to prevent damage and encourage health. If your skin is already sensitive or prone to dryness year-round, it’s time to look at products with more natural ingredients and nontoxic formulas.


Since you probably spend the majority of your day in the office, here are a couple of summer self-care essentials to keep on hand to care of your skin.

Glycerin Lotion

Plant-based glycerin is the natural jackpot for deep hydration without chemicals or toxic ingredients. Glycerin is a great ingredient in hand and body lotions for sensitive skin types, including conditions like dermatitis or psoriasis. It interrupts flaking and chronic dryness, allowing skin cells to reach maturity and full growth while protecting with deep hydration. Other ingredients that help with natural hydration and promote skin strength include sweet almond oil, cucumber extract, and aloe.

Air-conditioned environments can be extremely dry, making it difficult for your skin to maintain a healthy water balance long-term. Keep a pot or travel-size bottle of glycerin lotion on your desk and moisturize throughout the day. Apply to your hands, elbows, knees, and wrists, where dryness most often occurs.

Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

Dry and cracked lips can be painful, and aren’t anyone’s favorite part of summer weather. Can’t remember the last time you updated the old lip balm sitting at the bottom of your purse? It’s time to upgrade to a better lip balm.

Natural lip balm formulas that include organic cocoa butter, beeswax, coconut oil, and Vitamins A and E hydrate by nature and promote healthy cell growth to replenish dry and cracked skin. They also don’t leave a waxy or sticky finish like other formulas, making it easy to want to use it throughout the day. Place one in your purse, at your desk, or anywhere else you know you’ll need it throughout the day.

Tip: Look for lip balms that use stevia, which naturally sweetens, rather than cane sugar.

Face Cream

If your face is prone to dryness or conditions like eczema or dermatitis, Vitamin E lotion works wonders for soothing skin and providing healthy antioxidants. While too much can often cause breakouts for acne-prone skin, treating summer dryness with Vitamin E products can restore skin to its original glory.

Keep a face cream with Vitamin E as a key ingredient in your desk drawer and apply as needed to stubborn dry areas during hot summer weather.

Staying on top of self-care during the summer doesn’t have to mean waiting until you get home every day to take care of your skin. Choose vegan formulated products with natural ingredients to care for your skin at a deeper level and stay hydrated, protected, and radiant all summer long.

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